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I give and do everything for you, but still I can't be the one to steal your heart away...


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it makes you
look like you
have asthma.

Help me choose!

I want a portable GPS system, easily pocketable, with text-to-speech that I can use in the States with a traffic report subscription as well as in Europe (in the future, additional SD card is ok). I've narrowed it down to two choices, but not sure if either has a Europe expansion.

Help me choose!

Magellan Maestro 3250

buy the Garmin Nuvi 370

Before you click, give us some idea of why you feel that way.



U know, when stuck in traffic, you always hope the guy next to you has a decent taste in music and non squeaky brakes

Apr. 29th, 2008

holy crap i dreamt my account was -$1000... only a dream *whew*

wasn't i JUST talking about google?

how awesome is this? too bad i haven't expected it, so i have no ideas..

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent:
http://www.nescent.org/) is participating in 2008 for the second year
 as a mentoring organization in the Google Summer of Code
(http://code.google.com/soc). Through this program, Google provides
undergraduate, masters, and PhD students with a unique opportunity to
 obtain hands-on experience writing and extending open-source
software under
 the mentorship of experienced developers from around the world.

Our goal in participating is to train future researchers and developers
to not only have awareness and understanding of the value of open-source
 and collaboratively developed software, but also to gain the
 and remote collaboration skills needed to successfully contribute
to such
projects. Students will receive a stipend from Google, and may work
 from their home, or home institution, for the duration of the 3 month
Students will each have one or more dedicated mentors with expertise in
phylogenetic methods and open-source software development.

NESCent is particularly targeting students interested in both
evolutionary biology and software development. Project ideas (see URL
below) range
 from visualizing phylogenetic data in R, to development of a Mesquite
 module, web-services for phylogenetic data providers or
geophylogeny mashups,
implementing phyloXML support, navigating databases of networks,
 topology queries for PhyloCode registries, to phylogenetic tree
mining in a
 MapReduce framework, and more.

The project ideas are flexible and many can be adjusted in scope to
 match the skills of the student. If the program sounds interesting
to you but
 you are unsure whether you have the necessary skills, please email the
 mentors at the address below.  We will work with you to find a
project that
 fits your interests and skills.

Email any questions, including self-proposed project ideas, to phylosoc
 {at} nescent {dot} org.

Apply on-line at the Google Summer of Code website
(http://code.google.com/soc/2008), where you will also find GSoC
rules and eligibility requirements.  The 1-week application period for
students opens on Monday March 24th and runs through Monday, March
 31st, 2008.

Hilmar Lapp and Todd Vision
US National Evolutionary Synthesis Center


2008 NESCent Phyloinformatics Summer of Code:

Eligibility requirements:


To sign up for quarterly NESCent newsletters: with announcements about
upcoming programs at the Center:

Jul. 25th, 2007

so it would seem to me i might have some issues getting financial aid next semester... so far i've yet again reached below 0 in my bank account, having used my most recent deposit to pay for previous credits. in order to receive 50% of some financial aid, i must submit my FAFSA again and have at least 6 credits. unfortunately i'm only supposed to take one more class, which i cannot even afford. yeah, i need a job, but the more hours i devote to school, the less i can work... if i get a job. :( i've applied to a couple places last night and today i have an interview. sooo... i need that loan but it seems i might not get it...
so, i paid my summer tuition. and i still have a balance of a couple hundred. i suppose i won't be taking that linguistics class that i wanted... not to mention, apparently our rent didn't go through and a check for some 1800 is due. :\ i have about 20 in the bank. i suppose i could pull out another loan. i cannot ask for money because i already did and got yelled at because money was put in. it just wasn't enough. i owe my brother $260. thank god i don't deal with usurers, loan sharks, drug lords, or the mafia. i'd be fuct.

i hope that the Smithsonian lady calls me back. i need people to get off my case about getting a job. thing is, i only get a moderate stipend, which i doubt will even cover any of my expenses. just like americorp. who i need to call back... none of my applications have been responded to... it's been a week or two so i suppose that means No. i suppose i could just drive around and look for a job around here...