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so, i paid my summer tuition. and i still have a balance of a couple hundred. i suppose i won't be taking that linguistics class that i wanted... not to mention, apparently our rent didn't go through and a check for some 1800 is due. :\ i have about 20 in the bank. i suppose i could pull out another loan. i cannot ask for money because i already did and got yelled at because money was put in. it just wasn't enough. i owe my brother $260. thank god i don't deal with usurers, loan sharks, drug lords, or the mafia. i'd be fuct.

i hope that the Smithsonian lady calls me back. i need people to get off my case about getting a job. thing is, i only get a moderate stipend, which i doubt will even cover any of my expenses. just like americorp. who i need to call back... none of my applications have been responded to... it's been a week or two so i suppose that means No. i suppose i could just drive around and look for a job around here...
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