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space-time continuums and multidimensions?

physics explains:
1) time slows down 2) distant particles can instantaneously affect one another 3) vacuum of space: not empty, innumberable subatomic particles popping into and out of existence... why? its life space is 'borrowed' from uncertainty within quantum mechanics.

actual and theoretical yields/ physics: there will be an error in the real world stuff, but very very insignificant and small. also, there is something HUGE in the universe (huge in term of total energy) is more energetic than all stars, galaxies, and black holes, protons, etc. it will get big enought to rip apart all the things that make up our universe. dark energy? is that what they call it?

an infinity of numbers, going from pi's mulitiple digits, we keep imagining it as if it were that halfway to the door problem; however, don't we realize there is no infinity, that as the numbers trickle down, closer to the next number, it's like it stares at the back of itself: that one moment you are that near end of one number, one quadrant of the many dimensions, and BAM into the next number like it were another dimensions

what, then will continuing on in bigger numbers? is there a particular number that all things in the universe must be in great numbers to be considered "enough"? even if that were true, what constitutes the boundary of "the universe" as we know it? how do we know that this dimension, or reality, or whatever is *this* universe... where does one end? surley mathematics can tell us the tensile strength of the "universe fabric" in a complex equation?

what if there is no such thing as infinity? what then constitute the very absense of it? you cannot defining something w/o defining what it is not... there is not contrast! perhaps that's the reason that some things don't have a real name, because there is no way to describe this "nothingness" or rather since there is no contrast, it *is* the only thing, the everything? a big empty plane seeming to go to infinity... but it has to end somewhere our

sense or "scientific senses". can there be an end to that "infinite" plain. it's easier to just say yes, but assuming that it isn't, and it must end what is on that "outside" if there is no perfect vacuum;

remembering how a flatlander would only see 3D objects as cross sections, since there is not "forward" to them... so too we must see time as being in cross sections... because there is no "forward" background for us to really see? wikipedia lightcone. moving "up" in time as the y axis, the x/z axes are both 'space' which i assume you are only in one 'space' and if you were in another 'space' then you are in another conclusion/reality. anyhoo, the future light cone extends up and expands forward while the past light cone goes down the y and expands backwards they expand because there is an infinite number of ways to control the future and it extends back because there is an infinite of things that could have been... they say that the present is jsut the culmination of all that has worked to influence this particular moment known as the past. since all these little factors can all be connected, it forms a cone to a particular time in space.

well they say that points in our present are inaccessible to us; only points int he past can send signals to the observers. what is that supposed to mean. well, this comes in with philosophical ideas, because we cannot process things faster than light (why not?) but even then, when we see the sun, we see the 'past' because that light wave would have just hit us (something from the past) is something we can actually see or access. imagine the present as being thick, not a sheet; i can understand present as a sheet as in "the present" may i call it y2k7, that consists of that whole period. does that include the present-future or past-present. that is, things that have caused me to do the things that i do and all the things that i can later result to? but i can imagine the present-point as a sheet, perhaps... one particular point in time, a very instance of a crossection for every reality's possibilities... thus a sheet of points everywhere in the world.

does velocity = time travel? -velocity = travel to past, but still within the same "positive" quadrant; so how is the sky at night = the past lightcone within the entire space time? ahh... so trying to get time to be an axis, we can place 'space' as an x,y and 'time' to be the z (for example) at such time, the x,y are arbitrary, refering to the physical-spatial property dimension, 1st and 2nd dimensions, like switching the direction of the x,y,z in a cartesian plane; our brain wuold get confused if we drew them all together;

so we can say that future light cone = all events that can be reached by this pulse of light; past light cone = those events that can send the light pulse... sky at night = the Past Lightcone of the universe reaching our eyes. Lorentz transformation say that if space were measured in light-seconds, the cone would slope at 45* (1:1 ratio between one light-second in vacuum per one second).... light travel same speed in every inertial frame, all observers arrive at the same angle of 45* for all light cones... so these are the 'all the possible factors taht result ot this very moment' this could prove/disprove the possibilities of there being an exact same me... of course i cannot be in two places at once, but what consists these light cones, these 'possibilities' we cannot not know... for all we know, a simple replacement will cause something just like me... somewhere else... if it were 100% the same as me... then it is me. i've hit myself through the portal; events outside the light cone cannot observe each other nor connected

this diagram from the lorentz translation shows four triangular quadrants that stretches and smushes with a line of dots changing shape as the thing smushes and stretches... these points are aribitrary events in space time... we the observer, the p.o.v., see the line of dots as only a single point, or a plane, because it is coming straight for us. the vertical direction equals time, the horizontal... distance? what distance... the upper quarter shows the light cone... those that will see the observer... the line squiggles and moves within that triangle... that 'orbital' to us chemists. the more it moves left/right away from vertical, the slope, gives the velocity of the observer. but connecting a series of events vertically (without overlapping), when changing speed in time, those events move around the cone, become some other event that could have happened. who isn't to say that the lines that make up my light cone isn't a point in someone else's cone, that one observer is tangent to my light cone... are these the people i meet in life? but what does it mean to 'change direction'? does this mean physically? geographically? or does it mean it moves to some other universe? some other reality or conclusion? so what are these points once it goes into my past light cone... it becomes someone else's future light cone? but no... future light cones are things coming at us that will soon see us... why can't we see them? we do... at that very point of observation... then whatever we release as a past cone will be part of someone else's world... butterfly effect. like the future light cone is the causes to give a result... that is, the observer... the past light cone is simply things that had been done that are going to affect something... that will be seen.

so all forces (mass, speed, etc) are caused by things throwing particles to each other [particle physics]; gravity, electromagnetism, etc are all caused by things throwing particles at each other; if say, gravity, was being described here, then the 'things' are throwing 'gravitrons' (attractive particles) at each other... but how can they just throw something and have it be attractive? what are these 'particles'? just the electrons and protons? the tossing causes the particles to move outwards

einstein says that gravity is the warping of space-time... but what does that mean? by invoking the exchange of subatomic particles? how is this general relativity different from the afforementioned "throwing" explainations. what is it to warp space-time... wtf is space-time? does that mean, like outer space? or like... space being the 3D's that i'm imagining... in the physical sense. then how does one warp time? i can see the wrinkling of our dimensions (but even that is imagined in 3D) but what does a wrinkle in time look like?

how do we have the repulsive particle theory and the attractive gravitron theory?

brane theory

trapped in our 3D world, floating atop the soupy higher dimensions. hmm... are we thinking like that flatlanders/3D analogy? floating atop of 'time'? so they say that we cannot travel to the higher dimensional space... saying that nothing can travel into it (my 'other quadrant?')... no electrons or quarks... just gravitron (assuming that gravity has the property of another particle.)... it says that only gravitrons can only travel to the higher dimensions, spilling into some hole in the soup; now imagine that gravitrons keep seeping through such that only a little bit of gravitron 'skin' is left popping out of the hole... that little tip of the iceburg explains why gravity is so weak, not pulling things closer together.

so if all forces results of things tossing stuff at each other; when there are fewer particles being caugh, like the tip of the iceburg; then that force is weak. or is it that this 'force' that we have is present as much in our gravity as it is in the particle theory. the job of gravity is to pull heavy things together; and gravity is 'weak' in our 3D, because it is out in the 4th dimension.

(gravitrons and photons have no mass) are they opposites of each other? can we somehow use gravitron to exceed or reach light? but isn't photon what light is made of? so why does the theory say that they travel at the speed of light... gravitron has light's speed

einstein says that these things, since they have no mass, travel at the speed of light (thus time stops... but can you travel when there is no time? but can results mean causation? that is, can we say that things travelling at the speed of light will experience no mass? can we ever exist w/o mass? can we not become like photons? like the weirder gravitron.

nothing has to be tiny to be invisible... indeed very very big things are also invisible

string vs brane theory (together, combined)
there are two extra dimensions, both small, straight and infinite, leads us to a parrallel universe (is this like the 'tunnel' leading from one dimension to each other? plane one and plane two?) what the hell?

two four-dimensional surface plus the two-dimensions connecting these two 4D's? what the hell's that supposed to mean? one alternate universe... wtf is that? but anyway, we cannot cross these two dimensions b/c we do not have gravitrons to reach our mirror... why is there a mirror? how is it that this very same thing that i'm doing exists in a mirror fashion?

some other descriptions of the multiple dimensions is arranged like:

1) movement - through space, time, possible universes moving left to right, only really requires the x direction although we need the y for us to see it. travelling a circle in the 1st* dimension looks like a line going back and forth
2) choice - two spaces, two alternative outcomes in time, two universes: not really 'choice' per se, as in free will, just the fact that there is an alternative to, say, left to right. when the components are put together, then you get diagonal.. the two dimensions.
3) jump - between spaces, between alternate time outcomes, between universes think like the lifiting the page to emphasize the 3rd* dimension among the two x/y axis of space ; what is it for time? jump to an alternate outcome, if say that leaf did not fall to the left...; jumping between universes? what exactly is a universe anymore?
4) ... repeat at the next scale, time, universe

in Asteroids: go off one end to the left, you're on the right! like throwing a ball into a hole and hitting you in the back. now fold that over to create a donut (torus)... so any of the 'higher' dimensions are like the edges of the screen: so teeny tiny, that you go any distance, move... you're beginning again.

string theory
whatever they are, they ahve either open (free ends) or closed (loops)... physical particles like gravitrons are the stable vibrational states of strings; a one dimensional object moving in 2D (worldsheet) and worldsheets can actogether as weel.
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